Accent Art Glass Presents: About the Artist



Bryon Sutherland's passion for working with glass was first ignited as a student at California State University, Chico. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Glass Sculpture, he accepted a position at the Orient and Flume, which has been producing fine art glass since 1972. Bryon studied in New York at the Corning School of Glass under William Gudenrath where he was subsequently invited back to teach and assist Mr. Gudenrath.

Bryon's intense passion for the glass medium is evident in the detail and the evolution of his work. His love and interest in geological formations, Butte County's highly active countryside, canyons, and its extreme volcanic activity provides continuous search for design. The historical marks of molten earth have left an impact on Bryon's motivation for creation. No two pieces are alike; in fact, no two years are alike as his body of work continues to emerge in new directions. Remember his name and always look for amazing new pieces from this highly talented, extremely gifted emerging glass artist.